Dan Mason – Director


A third-year student without a cause. He likes mountains, to root for villains, and Nietzsche. If he isn’t combating existential angst then he is almost certainly channelling it through the odd haiku or tirade against moral systems. Alternatively he dreams of seeing a (good) film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, although if you push enough he’ll admit that David Lynch’s take is a guilty pleasure. Did we mention he likes Nietzsche?

Theo Stone – Deputy-Director


Theo is a second-year Philosophy student, originally hailing from the island of Jersey, who also maintains an interest in German. When he’s not trying to learn another instrument, reading about an outdated and obscure branch of Philosophy, worshipping Wittgenstein, or just trying to not burn his dinner for the fiftieth time, he can probably be found writing. Just don’t ask him about his personal views, unless you’re willing to hear a slew of insanity of Hegelian proportions.

Aleksandra Kulawska – Assistant Editor

Aleksandra is a third year philosophy student with a passion for environmental philosophy and climate science. You can often find her hiking in various remote areas, browsing Slavoj Zizek memes or making lavender lemonade while listening to Lubomyr Melnyk. She really likes Hermann Hesse.

Jonah Taylor – Assistant Editor

Jonah is a second year student studying Drama and Philosophy who enjoys listening to jazz and wearing a poncho. His interests include identity, contradiction and meaning – particularly in relation to art and time. Jonah is developing his interest in politics and eastern philosophy whilst maintaining his love of semicolons and words that start with ‘post-‘.

Irene Ivanaj – Assistant Editor

Irene is a second year Politics student. Her Italian-Albanian heritage has gifted her with an obsession for coffee, alongside an addiction and a love-hate relationship with Marx. She is currently trying to branch out from continental and political philosophy. Do not talk to her about contemporary art.

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