We are an intellectual and artistic forum affiliated with the University of Exeter Philosophy Society and our aim is to in part showcase the range of philosophical talent our university has to offer, as well as providing interesting and educational content. This is not just a forum for the practiced philosopher but also something the layman can dip his toe into.

To navigate the site, use the menu at the top of the page. Visit Submissions for a hub leading to our archives of all of our published submissions. Or visit Features for an archive of the Features we have approved and published.

At Notion we believe philosophy to be fundamentally pluralistic, which is why we encourage submissions from students who have come from a range of different academic backgrounds. Any view of the history of philosophy reveals this simple truth. Philosophy, after all, is a pervasive subject that can be found in many aspects of life expressed in different ways, just ask Wittgenstein! Therefore we also want to stress that submissions need not be exclusively in essay form; we want to motivate students of whom essay writing might not be their strength.

See our Writing for Notion page for more information regarding submissions and Features.

If you have any queries you can contact us.


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