Poetry No.1


To live, to be, now;

They never see though they look

To feel, to love, then;

They never hear though they hark

To laugh, to cry, when;

They never savour though they sip

To hate, anyhow;

They never touch though they reach

To die, for oneself;

They never breath though they try.

To see one and none;

Doubles in the darkness fight,

They are both and one.

– – –

A lone dog barking.

Wind rattles the leaves of a tree;

Pure indifference.

– – –

Delicate flower

Yearning for the light of truth;

Storm clouds steal it from your reach.

Springing into life,

O with such an innocence;

Even the Gods desire your grace.

You reach your high peak,

Your speed unmatched, power unequalled;

All creation is for you.

The struggle knows it,

That which you hold so dear:

It fades. You fall. Deep deep down.

Coldness consumes it,

The grace and might held dear.

Eternity cares little,

Delicate flower.

Look now to your fate: witness!

See it. Know it. Embrace it.

Ad infinitum. 


– Written by Dan Mason. The former President of the University of Exeter Philosophy Society, now Director of Notion, he is in his third year of studying Philosophy at the University of Exeter.