Welcome to Notion, the Undergraduate philosophy journal for the University of Exeter.

As part of the University of Exeter Philosophy Society, we aim to expand philosophy within the university to make it accessible to as many students as possible, allowing our philosophers a platform to demonstrate their talent and hone their skills. No previous experience is necessary, just a passion for the subject. We also accept submissions from postgraduates and lecturers who might want to inspire those younger or just beginning, and also from individuals (undergraduates, postgraduates, lecturers) from outside the University of Exeter.

For more information about us, get to know our editors by  Meeting the Team, or to find out how to send us your work read our Writing for Notion page. Alternatively, send an email to

We wish to fight the idea that Philosophy is a worthless endeavour, pursued only by grey individuals in ivory towers who construct dry essays, timidly condemning our noble pursuit to the death of a thousand distinctions.  In restraining philosophy to their ivory towers, these dull creatures have tarnished the once proud and great reputation of our millennia old undertaking.

Hence our commitment to the plurality of forms in which philosophy can take. Through opening up avenues of expression sneered at by the stone-faced guardians so-called of philosophy, we intend to gain a little ground for philosophy to reassert itself, to become meaningful, and above all inspirational again.

We hope you will take up our call to arms, and submit work to us! Above all, please enjoy the site and the work of our budding philosophers.